Monday, June 14, 2010

Would You Still Buy Decorations Made From Ivory If You Know That They Came From Tusks Of Slaugtered Elephants?

Elephants are the biggest and gentlest animals on earth

But look at what man does to him for his precious tusks

Man's greediness and cruelty knows no end

These tusks to be made into ivory came from countless dead elephants

Would you still buy your piano and other decorations made from ivory from the tusks of slaughtered elephants?

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla]


Bambie dear ★ said...

ay nako NEVER po.. didn't know about this, thanks for sharing Sir Mel.. nadurog ang puso ko sa picture na yun =(

imelda said...

gosh i pity the elephants. i only knew now that piano keyboards come from elephant tusks. ty for this poat me and thanks for the visit and comments.

Yen said...

Oh no that's gross! naalala ko tuloy and word sa bible, not sure of the verse but sa first part yata ng genesis ko nabasa ito. were God gave man a right to take dominion over all living and non living creatures here on Earth. Naisip ko tuloy,Is this our way of practicing our power to take dominion,In order to make a living in exchange of the lives of these poor creatures, Asan ang justice? ruthless na ba talaga ang tao?. :-(

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kawawa naman ang mga elephant..

Manang Kim said...

Thankfully I don't have an ivory made of plates or any house decoration. That is very devastating to know what happened to those gentle elephant. Remember the movie Blood Diamond? I don't know if it is fiction or there is a bit truth in that but it GOT ME!! I just loss my interest in diamonds!! Can you imagine that a woman loss an interest of diamonds over what I saw in that movie. It is so gut and heart wrenching that because of this so called diamonds people suffered and died??? You can say I am weird but it happened to me. ^_^

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Bambie dear,
Actually ang biggest buyers nang mga tusks na yan na ginagawang ivory ay Asian countries like China, Hongkong and Japan at yung mga gumagawa nang mga rebulto nang santo katulad nang Italy, Spain, Philippines at iba pang South American countries. Kawawa talaga ang pag slaughter nang mga illegal poachers nang mga gentle elephants. If this will not be stopped our future generation will only see pictures of these wonderful beasts like the dinosaurs of old. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you all always.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Imelda,
Hindi lang piano keyboards kung hindi mga ivory chopsticks, buddhas, jewelries, pati yung mga ulo at kamay nang Santo Nino at Mother Mary ay gawa sa ivory. Napakamahal nang ivory kaya marami ang mga poachers na pumapatay nang mga elephants para makuha ang tusks nila para magawang ivory. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you always.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Yen,
Yes, you are right. God gave man dominion over all creatures of the earth to be a wise steward of God's patrimony. But man showed his greediness and an insatiable lust for money and power and has plundered the earth of God's patrimony. They will be judged severely by the Lord. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you always.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Arvin,
Kalunos lunos talaga ang kapalaran nang mga elepante sa kamay nang malupit na tao. Umiiyak pati ang buong kalupaan sa kasakiman at kalupitan nang tao. Nakapagtataka bang dumaranas tayo nang hagupit nang Inang Kalikasan? Salamat sa dalaw at komento. Pagpalain ka nang Diyos sa tuwina.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Kim,
I don't blame you and I am not surprised that you reacted that way because you are a God fearing person who value the lives of others. Search for your statues and find out if they are made from ivory. Normally, these are statues we inherited from our grandparents and may have come all the way from Spain. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you always.

covnitkepr1 said...

Terrible...just terrible. And elephants are not the only animal that needs to be on the "endangered list."
I invite you to visit and follow my blog.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

Wala silang mga puso, anu ba sila tao nga sila na masahol pa sa lahat kung gumawa ng karumal dumal na crimen...

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Covnitkepr1,
I'm really having a hard time spelling your user name, lol. Yes, I will visit your site and see what else we can see there. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you always.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Jesson and Rey Ann,
Yes, they are ruthless and greedy people who will not stop at anything just to earn blood stained money. Both poachers and buyers are equally guilty of this heinous crime. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you always.

Rossel said...

good thing is we don't buy anything made from ivory. but i remember that we had 2 dolls with ivory heads, gifts from my aunt living in England. I wonder where those dolls are.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Rossel,
It is only now that this information is disseminated around the world. How these illegal poachers and how those greedy middlemen conspire to slaughter elephants for their precious tusks to be made into ivory. Our piano keyboard and the statues of imported saints from Italy and Spain are also made from ivories. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you all always.

Mrs.D said...

kakaloka naman tong post mo kuyaMel...ehehehhe.....kawawa tong mga hayop gosh...buti ala kaming mga ganyang collections.

no no no....I won't buy such a thing.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Dhemz,
Hahaha, akala ko kung sino yung Mrs. D, ikaw pala Dhemz, lol. Ginagamit kasi nang mga Chinese ang rhino's horn sa paggawa nang medicines. Thanks for your visit and comments. God bless you all always.


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