Thursday, April 29, 2010

Explorers Claim Noah's Ark Found on Mount Ararat

Explorers claim Noah's Ark found on Mount Ararat. Do you believe that what they found are really the remains of Noah's Ark? Please share your reason why you believe or disbelieve this.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Credit Repair

It is always nice to buy our essential purchases on credit instead of paying in cold cash. This way we can schedule our payments on easy installments that will surely fit our budget. But we have to make sure that we pay the allotted amount on time or else our payment scheme will be in arrears thus necessitating to pay the scheduled payment plus the penalty charges for the necessary credit repair.

Although credit is a useful tool for easy installment basis on cash prices, we have to ascertain our capacity to pay and fix credit based on that capability. It is useless to have a very high credit ceiling that we are unable to meet each paying due date.

It is better to avail of a reasonable credit limit that we will be able to meet than apply for a very high credit limit that we will be hard pressed to effect credit repair.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shameless Acts of PGMA - A Repost From GMA News.TV


Arroyo's manicurist named Pag-IBIG board member, Palace confirms

Malacañang on Wednesday confirmed reports that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's manicurist has been appointed as board member of the Pag-IBIG Housing Fund.

Deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar said Anita "Nitz" Carpon has been appointed to the housing agency to represent government employees, even as he defended her from criticisms against her "lowly" status.

"Ang kanya pong kakatawanin is precisely yung maliliit na empleyado na siyang nangangailangan ng serbisyo ng Pag-IBIG (What she will represent are precisely those small employees who need the services of Pag-IBIG). Let us not hold her lowly status against her," Olivar said in the report aired over GMA News’ early evening news program “24 Oras."

Carpon's appointment first appeared on broadsheet Philippine Star when Jarius Bondoc reported in his April 19 column that the manicurist had secured a post at Pag-IBIG and would likely receive a monthly salary of P130,000.

Bondoc also said "no one at the Pag-IBIG Fund cares to answer quiet inquiries" about the issue.

On April 21, Bondoc wrote another column, saying that aside from Carpon, Mrs. Arroyo also appointed her gardener, Armando Macapagal, as deputy of the Luneta Park Administration.

"Professionals among Malacañang’s housekeeping staff are outraged. Not only did Gloria Macapagal Arroyo appoint her personal manicurist to the board of trustees of Pag-IBIG Housing Fund. She also earlier named her gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park Administration. Both postings are improper sinecures, Palace aides murmur," Bondoc's column read.

"A third insider doubts the two appointees’ credentials. Macapagal supposedly landscapes Malacañang lawns but does not manage people. Carpon is not known for financial expertise to oversee the multibillion-peso housing mutual fund of all employees. Nicknamed Nitz, she is often scolded by Arroyo for mismatching presidential handbags and shoes," it added.

In 2002, President Arroyo also appointed her dentist Leonor Tripon-Rosero as board examiner for dentistry. In 2003, Rosero was promoted as commissioner of the Philippine Regulation Commission. Two years after, in January 2005, she was named as PRC chair.—JV, GMANews.TV

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do You Approve Of The Health Care Program Of President Obama For The American People?

Do you approve of the Health Care Program of President Barack Obama for the American people as approved by both Houses of Congress? Pro or con, please explain your position.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Insurance Provider Of All Kinds

Times are uncertain. We can never be sure of what will happen tomorrow or in the future. Wouldn't it be nice to have a hedge against the uncertainties of the future? Wouldn't it be nice to have a security for the unforeseen and adverse developments in our lives? We must secure our future by looking for a reputable insurance for business. This gives us peace of mind and security against the uncertainties of business conditions. We can have a drawback against bankruptcy or collapse of our business. On the local level, for those who are located in the state of California, it is advisable to look for a reputable business insurance in California. There were those who disregarded this most needed hedge in the business industry and paid dearly for their indecision. Whether you you are in another state like Texas, you still need a reliable Texas business insurance. It is like having a big brother at your back ready to help you regain your feet whenever you stumble. That is the benefit of a comprehensive insurance coverage. You can sit back and relax and be assured that you are well covered at all fronts. You can be more daring in your business ventures knowing fully well that if you fall, there is a steady hand that will always catch when you fall. That is the beauty of an insurance coverage.

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Exercise Equipment Supplier

It has been my lifelong dream to have a slim figure with a six pack abs. I envy those who have robust and slim bodies who can wear fitting clothes that are so nice and attractive to look at. I also dream of showing off my six pack abs at the beach among summer revelers, walking in the sand with people looking at my muscular physique as the oohs and aahs resonate among the crowd. But there is one drawback. I am a lazy bone and I do not have the discipline to go to the gym to exercise. Now there is a solution to this problem where I can attain my lifelong dream. The solution is to buy my own Tunturi treadmill. Having your private gym in the comfort and privacy of your own home solves my lack of discipline to regularly exercise. I can do all my exercise with my new Tunturi elliptical. To complement this regular exercise, I must also eat nutritious food at the right quantity. I must resist the temptation to overeat or overindulge in my favorite fatty and starchy foods which can eventually result in unwanted obesity. It is best to rely on a reputable exercise equipment supplier for information on exercise equipment. Having a regular private gym in the house has solved my lifelong problem of staying in my exercise routine regularly.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

What Is Your Most Joyous And Memorable Easter Celebration?

What is your most joyous and memorable Easter celebration? Could you please share it with us?

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