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Have We Forgotten EDSA?

Bongbong Marcos, the namesake of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, made a remark on the eve of the anniversary of EDSA 1 or People Power revolution that had his father stayed on in power and were not forcibly brought to Hawaii, the Philippines could have been like Singapore now. Pres. Noynoy Aquino made a gentle rebuttal on this on the day of celebration itself by saying that we were mired in debt and capital flight was in evidence during the time of martial law and thousands of people disappeared or were murdered or jailed during that time. Corruption was so rampant that we are still paying for the Bataan nuclear plant even though we did not receive a single kilowatt from it. GMA continued the reign of corruption of the Marcos era as she dipped her fingers on all pies available even attempting to sell Palawan and Spratly islands to the Chinese. We must never forget the lessons of EDSA when we became free from the yoke of tyranny and repression after the gruesome assassination of Ninoy Aquino at the tarmac of MIA. Now countries under the yoke of tyranny are following suit the example of EDSA 1.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Star Is Born

After Charice, here comes another Pinay to electrify the cyber and entertainment world. She is Maria Aragon.

Maria Aragon or Maria Lourdes Aragon (born July 2000) is a Canadian YouTuber, from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was born and raised in Canada to Filipino parents. Maria does not speak Tagalog and has never been to the Philippines.

In February 2011, she posted a video on her sister's YouTube channel in which she performed a cover of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. A Twitter message from Lady Gaga on the video was sent to her eight million followers, and launched Maria to instant, international fame.[1] The video garnered over 10 million views on YouTube in just five days. Her fans on Youtube started showing her support and giving her millions of views -sending her support♥♥. In just 6 days, her famous video, "Born This Way - (Cover)" on Youtube had reached up to 12 million views.

American talk show host Ellen Degeneres took notice of her talent from Lady Gaga's tweet and invited Maria to appear on her show on February 21, 2011. She performed "Born This Way" on the piano while singing on the show. Her parents were part of the audience and as seen in the video that recorded the show, they cried in joy as they saw their own daughter's talent. Maria Aragon got to have a talk with lady gaga. She invited her to perform in a duet with her at a concert in Toronto in March. Maria Aragon quoted "see you there," in the call.

Aragon is a fifth-grade student at the Isaac Brock School in Winnipeg, Canada.[2]

Sourced at Wikipedia and You Tube

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Nonito Donaire Demolishes Fernando Montiel In Two Rounds

Nonito Donaire of the Philippines became the new WBC and WBO Bantamweight champion of the world when he demolished defending champion Fernando Montiel of Mexico in the second round via TKO or referee stopped contest at Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday. It was such a spectacular win reminiscent of the demolition of Manny Pacquiao over British Ricky Hatton whom he also flattened in the 2nd round. With the abbreviated win, Donaire succeeded to win his third world title in 3 different weight divisions and is on his way to duplicating the unprecedented feat of Manny Pacquiao winning eight world titles in eight different weight classes. Long live Nonito Donaire and Manny Pacquiao- the pride of the Filipino nation.

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How Do You React To The Looming Food Scarcity And Runaway Food Inflation Crisis In The World?

How do you react to the looming food scarcity and runaway food inflation crisis in the world?

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