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What Is The Christmas Tradition That You Miss Most?

What is the Christmas tradition that you miss most? Please explain why you miss it.

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Do You Believe In God?

Do you believe in God? How does this affect your life?

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Aside From Your Own Native Language, What Other Language/s Do You Speak And Write?

Aside from your own native language, what other language/s do you speak and write?

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Dying Old Japanese Gave You A Map Before Dying Purporting That It Was A Map Of The Yamashita Treasure, Will You Go To Dig It?

A dying old Japanese gave you a map before dying purporting that it was a map of the Yamashita treasure, will you go to dig it?

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What Was The Most Memorable Vacation Or Cruise You Ever Had In Your Life?

What was the most memorable vacation or cruise you ever had in your life? Or what is your dream vacation or cruise?


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