Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Is Your Opinion About The Designation Of Hillary Clinton As The Incoming Secretary of State By President Elect Barack Obama?

What is your opinion regarding the designation of Hillary Clinton as the incoming Secretary of State by President elect Barack
Obama? Do you think they can play beautiful music together after their bitter and acrimonious clash for the Democratic presidential nomination? What do you think will be the major foreign policy strategies of the Obama-Clinton tandem? Please explain your answer.

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla


Terry said...

Dear Mel...Another thing I don't understand is politics, but I do know for sure that as the Christians prayed for Mr. Bush, so shall we be praying for President Obama and for his government!
I was at a Bible conference once in Ottawa and a visiting preacher named Harold Paisley[Ian Paisley of Ireland is his brother] was telling us that we, as Christians are commanded of the Lord to pray for those who have the rule over us.
At the time Prime Minister Trudeau had just been brought into power again.
Mr. Paisley said, "Well I thought we were all done praying for this dear man, but we must be at it again!"
Some guy had taped the message and he sent it to Prime Minister Trudeau and how surprised Mr. Paisley was when he got a thank you letter from the Prime Minister, himself....thanking him for praying for him!
That was so special!
So we will be praying for President Obama and Mrs. Clinton Mel!.....Christian love Terry

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Terry,
Yes, we must pray for our leaders both national and local for it was God who placed them in their position. Now if they do not perform well, it is also God who will caused them to be removed. Thanks for your visit and inspired comments. God bless you always. BTW, I am still praying for your father and sister.


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