Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blog # 1 - Euroyank (New World Order Reports) A Reprint From The Original Post in How's Your Blog?

Blog # 1 - Euroyank New World Order Reports
Writer - Euroyank
Personal Profile- Euroyank is a journalist based in Luxembourg. This is his personal profile from his own words. "After 43 years in the USA, I left Chicago for Luxembourg
in 2000. Am German born, immigrated to the States when I was six. Served in the Military (Vietnam- combat-medic, paratrooper), carpenter many years, built houses for the rich. Managed several restaurants. Successful insurance broker. Became disillusioned with the USA. Happily resettled in Europe. Think many people and my fellow Americans are ignorant, arrogant, brainwashed. I write blogs that expose disinformation, propaganda, censorship. Primary motivation to enlighten my compatriots and the brainwashed masses of the world." (Quoted from his personal profile, verbatim). He maintains 15 fascinating and extraordinary blogs.

Blog's Technical Features- The first thing that you will notice with his blog is the massive and overwhelming display of educational widgets, videos and other information paraphernalia. The information contained in his blog is truly amazing and overwhelming. The layout is great, template is superb and you get the feeling of being in a veritable library.

Rating for the physical features- 10

Contents- No doubt,
Euroyank is the most outstanding, brilliant, innovative and powerful blogger that ever set foot in the world of blogging. The depth of the information, facts and prodigious research done to showcase to the world facts and events that have been concealed by authorities- government or otherwise, are truly outstanding. there is an overdose of heroism in the heart of Euroyank to expose all of these facts to the public. Those who have ample and liberal time to view and research his masterful works will be rewarded by a once in a lifetime experience of pure informational and educational pleasure trip unmatched in the entire blogging world. My hat's off to the master blogger of the blogging world.

Ratings for Content- 10

Thank you Euroyank for all the unselfish and gargantuan works that you have painstakingly done for all mankind. You deserve the loudest applause from all peoples of the world.

Tags: Euroyank, Master Blogger, Outstanding Works, Research, Truth, USA, Brainwashing, Disinformation, Ignorance, Europe, Luxembourg

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Mel Avila Alarilla

This is a reprint from the original on my newest blog- "How's Your Blog?" - a new blog that gives free review and ratings to other blogs. I pray that you will all support my newest blog as you have supported my other blogs before. I will entertain all requests for reviews and ratings but I reserve the right to publish my own priority list. Thank you all so much. God bless you all. -
Mel Avila Alarilla

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