Sunday, June 15, 2008

Entrecard Keeps On Growing

Entrecard - Keeps Growing - Win 75.000 Credits


Entrecard Contest

As I was writing in an earlier post , Entrecard is the easiest way for generating traffic to your blog by placing 125X125 ads on other websites. They have finally released their e-book as well and added some new cool features as well. All Entrecard members can now link as many blog as they want to a single account by accessing on their dashboard the Link Option so you will be able to choose whether to link your account with another existing account, or to register a NEW BLOG with Entrecard, and automatically link it to your account. Switching between blogs will be a lot easier , as well as transferring credits automatically between accounts.

To celebrate these two new features , their e-book and the link blog option Entrecard is giving away a total of 75.000 credits. So anyone participating into this cool contest will have the chance to win Entrecard credits as follows :

  • 2-5 blogs in account
  • 5-10 blogs in account
  • 10-15 blogs in account
  • 15-20 blogs in account
  • 20-25 blogs in account

Winners will be picked on the 25 th of June so hurry up Entre the contest.

All members that will dedicate a post to their e-book , spread the world about Entrecard new features and the MULTIBLOG contest will earn automatically 2000 credits in their account just by linking to the contest page. I have no doubt all members will enter this contest , lets make Entrecard a better place for all bloggers !

Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla

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